Thursday, March 2, 2017

Andrei Chikatilo- Citizen X

Andrei Chikatilo, a school teacher in Rostov, Russia was responsible for 53 murders. Called the "Ripper Of Rostov" or "Citizen X," Andrei was not only a psychopath, he was thought to be the worst serial killer in all of history.  Chikatilo often found his victims at railroads in Rostov. It was thought that Chikatilo had a memorizing  quality and was strangely able to lure his victims with a single stare. He claimed they came willingly before he cannibalized and mutilated them. Most were young children and women which Chikatilo would leave dead in an open wooded area. Andrei was finally caught by police in 1992. An interesting fact revealed in the case was a detail police were most curious about. Chikatilo was asked what had happened to the uterus' of his female victims. Chikatilo  vehemently denied eating them, exclaiming that he was not so sick as to do something that horrible. Chikatilo was locked in a cage during his trial, mainly to keep the mobs from swarming and killing him. Video footage shows him drooling profusely and rocking back and forth, talking and yelling and laughing. This was believed to be a desperate ploy to get an insanity plea. Chikatilo was also quoted to have said about his victims, "The eating of my victim is the ultimate sacrifice they can make for me. They are literally giving themselves to me." He was executed by gun shot to the back of the head in 1994. His last words were, "Don't give my brain to the Chinese!"

Jeffery Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer, killer of 17 young men, began murdering at the tender age of 18. Dahmer was one of the few serial killers thought to have a childhood with no head trauma or other issues, though it has been disputed whether or not he was molested as a young child by a neighbor. Dahmer was widely known as a brutalizer of small animals which he doused in acid to view the anatomy of the animal.  What could have turned into a healthy interest in taxidermy, Dahmer used his pleasure in torturing animals to turn himself into a murderer of people instead. Contrary to popular belief, Dahmer did not eat all of his victims. Dahmer claimed he cannibalized some victims to briefly solve his agonizing depression and lonlieness. His thought was to make "living zombies" so that his victims could not leave him. He was most known for drilling a hole in the head of some of his victims as well. Perhaps the scariest moment in victim Konerak Sinthasomphone's life was when Dahmer used his drill on the young man who actually escaped Dahmer's apartment. After police found the 14-year-old naked young man bleeding and stumbling down the street, Dahmer rushed to the boy's side, telling police that the boy was his lover and was only drunk. The police then let Dahmer and the boy go. The boy died later that night at the hands of Jeffrey Dahmer. In 1991, Dahmer was sentenced to life in prison at Portage Wisconsin. He was beaten to death with a mop handle by another prisoner in late 1994.

Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez, also known as the night stalker, was a satan worshiper and sociopath, killing at least 16 people between 1984 and 1989. After breaking into homes, his method of killing was shooting, strangulation, and rape. Police were able to help capture Ramirez after discovering a rare sneaker print outside of a victim's home. Ramirez was sentenced to death in 1989 and married one of his groupies. Perhaps the most memorable thing Ramirez did in court was hold up a pentagram inked on his palm, all the while smiling at the press, "See you in Disneyland," he said. Ramirez died of lymphoma in 2013 after spending 24 years in San Quentin.

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy, who frightened America in the mid 70's, was charming, witty, and above all believable. His notorious pick-up line was simply, "Hi, I'm Ted." His distinctive yellow VW bug later would terrify college co-eds and other young women. Bundy was thought to have killed nearly 30, but notoriously told police "Add one number to that figure and there you have the real number." His modus operandi was mostly faking injuries to gain the sympathy and help of women. After luring the women away, he would strangle and beat the women while raping his victims. Bundy escaped jail twice and was responsible for the Chi Omega murders while his four victims slept peacefully in their beds. Bundy was executed in 1989 by the electric chair, costing taxpayers over 5 million dollars. Jonathan Davis of Korn now owns the notorious yellow VW bug.

Richard Kluklinski - The Ice Man

Richard Kluklinski was a mob hit man whose reign of terror lasted from 1948 to 1986. Claiming to have murdered over 250 people, he was remorseless and uncaring for his actions. Kluklinski was famous for his words, "I would never kill a child or a woman." Kluklinski was indifferent about his crimes except for one instant. When given a hit to kill, his victim pleaded for God to save him to which Kluklinski replied, "I will give you one half hour for God to save you and if he doesn't come, it's the end of you." God never came. Kluklinski also once tied a victim up in a deserted rat-infested cave and videotaped this victim's death as he was savagely eaten alive by the rats. Kluklinski spent the last years of his life in prison in Trenton, New Jersey. He was thought to have died from poisoning from a rival gang, but his real autopsy revealed heart troubles common to people of his six foot five 300 pound stature.

Adolf Hitler

Perhaps the most well known murderer of the twentieth century was Adolf Hitler. As Fuhrer in Germany, Hitler was in power from 1933 to 1945. His marriage to Eva Braun lasted only hours before they reportedly crushed cyanide tablets in their mouths and shot each other in the head. To prevent the public from viewing and possibly displaying their dead bodies, they were also doused in gasoline and burned outside their secret bunker. It has been said that Hitler's brain resides in a museum in a undisclosed basement. Hitler killed at least 11 million innocent victims before his death. Fritz Lang's movie "M" was used as a nazi propaganda film in the early 1940's. Soldiers were told that Peter Lorre's character was thought to be the face of a "typical Jew".

Andrew Cunanan

In 1997, Andrew Cunanan killed at least five people including the fashion designer Gianni Versace, whom he may have had a sexual relationship with previously. Cunanan believed he had contracted the AIDS virus and became unstable with revenge. He wanted to kill any lover that may have given it to him. Shooting himself in the head on a house boat, Cunanan died at the age of 27 and was named one of the FBI's Most Wanted criminals before his death. An unknown fact shown in the picture above is that serial killers are often able to change their faces and demeanor based on avoiding getting caught. Ted Bundy was well known for this tactic, changing his looks based on how close the police were to catching him. After Cunanan's suicide on a houseboat in Miami, reports soon proved Andrew Cunanan was not infected with the AIDS virus.

Albert Fish

Albert Fish was a kindly and frail old man when he committed his monstrous crimes. He claimed to have killed over 100 victims, though the actual number is unclear. A masochist, Fish enjoyed swatting himself with a nail embedded paddle and stuck pins in his rectum for pleasure. What would eventually send Albert Fish to prison was his letter to the family of his victim Grace Budd, who he happily ate and buried in an unknown grave. The particular envelope was recognized by police and Fish was apprehended. He was executed by the electric chair in January 1936. Popular lore has said that the electricity failed to end his life after an X-Ray technician noted dozens of pins in Fish's rectum shorting out the circuits.The photo of the pins in his rectum:

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley- The Moors Murderers

Ian Brady and his girlfriend Myra Hindley were responsible for the infamous Moors Murders, which took place in Greater Manchester England between 1963 and 1965. The couple murdered four children, and perhaps the worst fact was that they were also sexually assaulted. Burying the children in the moors, much like a marsh, Brandy and Hindley then quickly searched for their next victims. Some sources have said that, like Karla Holmoka, Myra Hindley was also involved in the sexual assault of the small children. After their arrest, Hindley spent the rest of her life in prison as a reformed citizen but was never released. Brady was branded as criminally insane and spent his life in a psychiatric hospital. He repeatedly pleaded that he never wanted to be discharged and voiced his wish to die.

Ed Gein

Reportedly labeled as the real life version of Buffalo Bill from Silence Of The Lambs, Norman Bates from Psycho, and Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Ed Gein was known to wear the skin of his victims in an effort to possibly change his body image. Noted as an eccentric, Gein not only wore his victims, but used their skins to cover lamp shades, various kitchen utensils and other home furnishings. As a small child, Gein fell madly in love with his mother and after her death, was deeply depressed and distraught at the thought of never loving another woman again. Among other strange incidents, Gein was an avid grave robber and killed two local women in 1957. After his arrest, Gein was charged with only one murder and spent his remaining years in a mental health facility due to his guilty but insane plea. He died in 1986 of respiratory complications.

Elisabeth Bathory

Elisabeth Bathory, the "Blood Countess" of Hungary in the sixteenth century, was widely known as one of the worst female serial killers of all time. Torturing and bathing in the blood of her possible 600 victims, Elisabeth was convinced that the virgin blood of her slain subjects would make her younger and more virile. Although never tried for her crimes, she was imprisoned in 1610 in a small brick cell for four years. In 1614, she was found dead with no apparent cause of death. It is thought she died from acute insanity or possible loneliness.

Jim Jones

Kool-Aid is what immediately comes to mind when Jim Jones is mentioned. However, there is a myriad of facts that go along with Jim Jones legacy of terror. Jones was born into a poor and racist family in Indiana in 1831. Like many budding serial killers, Jim Jones enjoyed killing small animals and then performing funerals for them. As a teenager, Jim Jones joined evangelical churches and became a pastor himself. He created the People's Temple in the 1950's and gained much recognition with hundreds of followers. Moving his church to Guyana, South America, he set up strict rules for his people and refused to let them leave. Democratic congressman Leo Ryan visited the commune in 1978, finding several frantic cult members that begged him to take them with him. Leo Ryan intended to take these members with him to his private plane that day. However, when the congressman reached the plane, a number of Jones' minions arrived on the tarmac with guns. Leo Ryan was killed along with four of his assistants. Soon after the blood shed, Jones began giving out cyanide laced Kool-Aid to his members. In the frenzy that ensued, Jones' recorded voice streamed,"People, don't be this way. Don't be this way. Let us die with dignity." 909 innocent followers died of cyanide poisoning and bodies were stacked one atop the other in an astonishing mountain that covered nearly all of the pavillion. Jones was found with a gun shot wound to the left temple with a pillow cradling his head.
For more information, there is an excellent documentary about Jones called The Life and Death of Peoples Temple. (PBS)

John Wayne Gacy

Twenty-six young men and teenagers were found decomposing in John Wayne Gacy's basement crawl space in 1978. A closet homosexual and serial killer, Gacy saw no reason to cease his actions, believing that he could not and would not be stopped. A model citizen and friend of political associates, Gacy was thought to be the perfect father and resident of Chicago, Illinois. A photo of Gacy shaking hands with prominent political figure Rosalynn Carter can be found readily on the internet and in books. Pogo the Clown was the name Gacy gave his alter ego when dressing up for children's birthdays. In 1978, Gacy was arrested after investigators noticed the putrid smell of rotting bodies emanating from his home. After confessing to 33 murders, Gacy was sentenced to death. "Kiss my ass" were the last words uttered by Gacy before he was given the lethal injection. Tens of thousands of dollars were paid for Gacy's childlike paintings in prison. Other psychotic memorabilia was sold before Gacy's death, showing how enthralled the public was with his crimes.

Leopold and Loeb

Nathan Leopold (front) and Richard Loeb (back) were two teenage boys who murdered young Bobby Franks in the backseat of a car with the blunt end of a chisel. Lovers Leopold and Loeb, believed the crime would bind them together forever. Thinking they could never be caught with an combined IQ of 360, they carelessly suffocated and beat Franks over the head, stuffing his lifeless body in a drainage culvert. They were caught was because Leopold dropped his glasses near the body, which had a unique hinge that only 3 people had purchased in one year. Leopold and Loeb both implicated one another for the killing of the young boy. Even in death, neither would admit to the crime. Loeb was killed in prison by a fellow inmate, while Leopold died 15 years after his imprisonment still "madly in love with Richard Loeb."

Diazen Hossencofft

A supposedly brilliant and terminally ill medical doctor, Diazien Hossencofft, from my home town, Albuquerque New Mexico, was thought to be the conspirator in his wife Girly Hossencofft's disappearance. More a promise than a threat, Diazien repeatedly terrified his wife that he would kill her and would make sure her body would never be found, which it never was. The day before Girly's disappearance, a strange man wearing black face makeup and green fatigues sped up to the Hossencofft residence. Neighbors at once recognized the driver as Diazien. The next day, bloody clothing was found on the side of the road, thought to belong to Girly. Several months before her eerie disappearance, Girly was surprised at home when Diazien showed up with a baby who he claimed to be adopting. His fashion being deceitful, the baby was actually his own son who Diazien was giving up for adoption, not adopting. Diazien also planted drugs in Girly's suitcase before her trip to Malaysia in order to have her severely penalized in a foreign country. It is unclear what the status of Diazien Hossencofft's fate is until more evidence is uncovered.