Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Albert De Salvo- The Boston Stranger

Albert De Salvo - The Boston Strangler

Albert De Salvo, raised by a horrificly abusive father, grew up in Massachusetts and learned of sexual deviancy early in childhood. This would carry on into his adult life, where he molested small children and raped senior citizens and young women. To gain access into their apartments, De Salvo falsely claimed to be from a modeling agency. So impressed were these women, that they allowed De Salvo to enter, at which point, he would measure them naked as well as dressed. Not until his break-ins were in full effect was De Salvo known to be The Green Man because of the noteworthy green clothing he favored. In 1962, De Salvo earned a new name, that being The Boston Strangler. After raping and strangling his mostly senior citizen victims, he would use panty hose to tie a bow around their necks. This would be considered his calling card. De Salvo famously stated after his incarceration "I don't know why I killed them. I wasn't even excited. And then I went home and played with the kids and watched the report of the murders on the TV." Showing his cold mentality, De Salvo had no emotion regarding the deaths he imposed. The most gruesome murder occurred in 1964 in which De Salvo savagely mutilated his last victim, Mary Sullivan. Between her toes, De Salvo left a haunting and yet optimistic note reading, "Happy New Year." In a desperate and bizarre attempt to rid himself of guilt, De Salvo, on his knees, sobbed to one of his rape victims, "Oh God, what am I doing? I am a good Catholic man with a wife and children. I don't know what to do." What would finally convince police that they had the correct murderer was when they witnessed De Salvo tying his shoes with the exact loops used in his terrible killings. De Salvo was sentenced to life, but spent only a short time in his tiny cell before escaping from prison with two other cons. Not a day later, he gave himself up and returned to his prison cell.  In 1973, Albert Henry De Salvo was found stabbed 16 times by an unknown inmate. De Salvo is estimated to have murdered 13 women in two years. Some believe that he was the first person to be labeled as a "Serial Killer."

In 1968, Tony Curtis played the role of Albert De Salvo in the appropriately named film, "The Boston Strangler." (This is a really well made film and Tony Curtis is incredible. Kait says: 6 thumbs up!)

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