Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Elmo and Grover- Puppet killers

Perhaps one of the most heinous crimes in the twenty-first century was that of Cookie Monster in 2004. Homosexual lovers Grover and Elmo savagely beat Cookie Monster with his own batch of macadamia nut cookies. The San Fransisco murder took place sometime in June during a small get together at Grover's home on Sesame Street. The planning of the merciless crime was set in motion by both Grover and Elmo, who claimed to be jealous of Cookie Monster's allotted cookie allowance, which bordered on fantastically enormous. Cookie Monster's addiction to the sweet pastries led him into a path of self destruction, causing him to nod off during recorded episodes of the well known television show "Sesame Street". Air time was bizarrely taken away from Grover and Elmo, and fights often broke out with the producer. The murder, similar to that of Jack the Ripper's slaughters, became widely known as the bloodiest and chocolatiest killing of all time. Macadamia nuts were found not only in Cookie Monster's brain, but scattered within 50 feet of the crime scene. Grover and Elmo together plead not guilty, but were found responsible for the murder. On December third 2004, Grover and Elmo were hanged by their marionette strings and their handlers were permitted to pull their controlling hands out of their backs in an act of ultimate betrayl.
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