Tuesday, February 28, 2017



"M" was the German film that startled an entire nation. Peter Lorre bravely portrayed the murderer and pedophile of small children during the height of his career. Whistling gravely "In The Hall Of The Mountain King", Peter Lorre's character, Hans Beckert, was identified even before he was in the shot of the film. Not only did police search for the killer, but mobsters and the homeless were also involved in catching Hans Beckert. The German word morder was the name given to the killer, meaning murderer. When a blind homeless man overheard the dreadful whistling, he called another drifter over to follow Beckert. To mark Beckert as the killer, the drifter drew a large white "M" (meaning Morder; murderer) on his palm and slapped Beckert on the back. Unknowingly, Beckert walked the streets with his next female victim in hand until he caught the "M" posted on his back in a shop window. Running to a deserted office building, he was followed by mobsters who found him hiding in a closet. Beckert was then treated to an informal trial by the mob in which he cowered underneath the stairs crying out "It's inside me! I cannot help myself!" Police were soon at the scene where Beckert was arrested for his crimes. The film ends with a mother tearfully telling the audience,"The only way we can prevent these things from happening, is to watch our children."

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