Thursday, March 2, 2017

Andrei Chikatilo- Citizen X

Andrei Chikatilo, a school teacher in Rostov, Russia was responsible for 53 murders. Called the "Ripper Of Rostov" or "Citizen X," Andrei was not only a psychopath, he was thought to be the worst serial killer in all of history.  Chikatilo often found his victims at railroads in Rostov. It was thought that Chikatilo had a memorizing  quality and was strangely able to lure his victims with a single stare. He claimed they came willingly before he cannibalized and mutilated them. Most were young children and women which Chikatilo would leave dead in an open wooded area. Andrei was finally caught by police in 1992. An interesting fact revealed in the case was a detail police were most curious about. Chikatilo was asked what had happened to the uterus' of his female victims. Chikatilo  vehemently denied eating them, exclaiming that he was not so sick as to do something that horrible. Chikatilo was locked in a cage during his trial, mainly to keep the mobs from swarming and killing him. Video footage shows him drooling profusely and rocking back and forth, talking and yelling and laughing. This was believed to be a desperate ploy to get an insanity plea. Chikatilo was also quoted to have said about his victims, "The eating of my victim is the ultimate sacrifice they can make for me. They are literally giving themselves to me." He was executed by gun shot to the back of the head in 1994. His last words were, "Don't give my brain to the Chinese!"

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