Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jeffery Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer, killer of 17 young men, began murdering at the tender age of 18. Dahmer was one of the few serial killers thought to have a childhood with no head trauma or other issues, though it has been disputed whether or not he was molested as a young child by a neighbor. Dahmer was widely known as a brutalizer of small animals which he doused in acid to view the anatomy of the animal.  What could have turned into a healthy interest in taxidermy, Dahmer used his pleasure in torturing animals to turn himself into a murderer of people instead. Contrary to popular belief, Dahmer did not eat all of his victims. Dahmer claimed he cannibalized some victims to briefly solve his agonizing depression and lonlieness. His thought was to make "living zombies" so that his victims could not leave him. He was most known for drilling a hole in the head of some of his victims as well. Perhaps the scariest moment in victim Konerak Sinthasomphone's life was when Dahmer used his drill on the young man who actually escaped Dahmer's apartment. After police found the 14-year-old naked young man bleeding and stumbling down the street, Dahmer rushed to the boy's side, telling police that the boy was his lover and was only drunk. The police then let Dahmer and the boy go. The boy died later that night at the hands of Jeffrey Dahmer. In 1991, Dahmer was sentenced to life in prison at Portage Wisconsin. He was beaten to death with a mop handle by another prisoner in late 1994.

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