Thursday, March 2, 2017

John Wayne Gacy

Twenty-six young men and teenagers were found decomposing in John Wayne Gacy's basement crawl space in 1978. A closet homosexual and serial killer, Gacy saw no reason to cease his actions, believing that he could not and would not be stopped. A model citizen and friend of political associates, Gacy was thought to be the perfect father and resident of Chicago, Illinois. A photo of Gacy shaking hands with prominent political figure Rosalynn Carter can be found readily on the internet and in books. Pogo the Clown was the name Gacy gave his alter ego when dressing up for children's birthdays. In 1978, Gacy was arrested after investigators noticed the putrid smell of rotting bodies emanating from his home. After confessing to 33 murders, Gacy was sentenced to death. "Kiss my ass" were the last words uttered by Gacy before he was given the lethal injection. Tens of thousands of dollars were paid for Gacy's childlike paintings in prison. Other psychotic memorabilia was sold before Gacy's death, showing how enthralled the public was with his crimes.

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