Thursday, March 2, 2017

Leopold and Loeb

Nathan Leopold (front) and Richard Loeb (back) were two teenage boys who murdered young Bobby Franks in the backseat of a car with the blunt end of a chisel. Lovers Leopold and Loeb, believed the crime would bind them together forever. Thinking they could never be caught with an combined IQ of 360, they carelessly suffocated and beat Franks over the head, stuffing his lifeless body in a drainage culvert. They were caught was because Leopold dropped his glasses near the body, which had a unique hinge that only 3 people had purchased in one year. Leopold and Loeb both implicated one another for the killing of the young boy. Even in death, neither would admit to the crime. Loeb was killed in prison by a fellow inmate, while Leopold died 15 years after his imprisonment still "madly in love with Richard Loeb."

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